Where to Save User-Defined Names?

Hello everyone,

I’m facing an issue that’s perplexed me. Users can select from a list of doors, each of which has a temporary name. However, users should have the ability to rename each door, and those updated names should be saved so that they don’t have to rename them again.

While I would like to display the full list of doors in a repeating group, I could simply display the image and name one by one on the page.

The issue:

Since there are approximately 100 doors, saving each door name to the “Door’s Data type” is not ideal due to the large number of doors. Where/how should I save them?


Assuming you’re already saving User specific information about each door somewhere, surely you can just include the name in that data?

And if not, then that’s what you need to do (i.e. create a user_door datatype)


The issue with that is I will have 100+ rows with the names and images and it wouldn’t be able to display in a repeating group (I don’t think).

I need to present 100+ door images/door names to a new user, and I the user to be able to rename them and for those names to remain saved. Additionally I will be adding new doors in the future so I need the user to see (and rename) the new doors.

I will try your solution, I maybe overthinking this and thinking it’s harder than it is.

I’m not sure I see what the issue is…

I assumed you must already have a door_user connecting datatype, otherwise how are you storing any user specific info for the doors being purchased/ordered?…

But if your not then that’s exactly what you need to do…

Just create a user_door datatype so you can store the user specific names (and other user specific data).

I have created a a door datatype which is connected to the user’s company. But, what I am dealing with here is 100 small thumb images of door which the user clicks to open the main door editor.

For these thumb images I have created a new Data type called “Company door thumb names” and added 3 test names;

But it wont work with a repeating group because it wants to refer to a single door name, rather than grabbing the whole lot.

Screenshot 2023-02-27 184524

I think I have a solution, albeit a bit clunky. Essentially I have a repeating group searching for the Company’s Door Names.

The tricky part is the images are not user specific so I added each door thumbnail image to the RG cell and on the image conditional I said ‘if cells index is 1, then show this image’, and on another image; ‘if cells index is 2, then show this image’ and so on. This way I can show a different image in each cell. The rename input is also inside the cell and renames that cell’s database row.

The tricky part is populating the RG to begin with because this needs to be done for the user. So, I have a button called ‘Load all doors’ which (currently) loads one door. I think I need a backend workflow to create multiple things with one button press and I’ve found a useful answer you and Mike gave on that very topic here Create multiple things with one button press - #8 by mikeloc

This may be a strange solution but I think it’ll do the trick. If I add additional doors in the future I will give the user a ‘Load more doors’ button and simply add them in the same way.