Where to start to create an app?

To create an app with Bubble what order should we follow?


  1. First, create the login system.
  2. First, create all the features of the application, and only at the end, create the login system…

If it’s option 1, will not it be complicated to test? Is it not necessary to go through the login every time the app is tested?

It’s very easy to create a log-in system with Bubble, so there’s no need to test this upfront or whatever. You could therefore add this part at the last moment if you wish. On the other hand, even in the testing phase Bubble will remember your log-in credentials, so you won’t need to login by hand every time. Also, you probably want to shield certain parts of your app from users that are not logged in, and it will probably save you time implementing this feature right away (which will require you to be logged in in order to test all functions of your app). I would therefore create a log-in system right away.