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Where to start with just an idea>

Hi there, I originally posted this to Emmanuel and he suggested the community could help and everyone could benefit. Please feel free to address any part or all. Sorry it’s a bit long.

Emmanuel, I’m struggling with this. I watched your Harvard Roundtable and it asked more questions than gave me answers. I like the concept, but I know it can do much more than we need right now.

to the point…

I am developing a Wordpress site. There will be public access and owner’s login: authentication (imported database), an owner can see their quarterly charges for the property, maybe a PDF to start out, but later I would like to bring in some data from an accounting system.
A Paypal link to settle the charges, and IBAN for direct standing payments.
Searchable repository for bylaws, election information, lookup of past general assemblies (PDF)
But most important a voting system where we can add/edit questions for the owner to register their vote on. YES/NO etc. And a submission button. It would have to be recorded on a database.

This is very small part of the web site, but this app part is crucial. Is this suited ot making in Bubble?

I did not go to any of your partners listed on your site you referred me to, as this is a very small project. Besides I want to do this myself and make a success of it. I am following all your tutorials, but it’s a new thing to me, so I wonder if you have a planning document I can use to scope the project and events/actions etc? Your partner started to do it with the Egyptian guy on his project, but the video stopped as it became interesting.

Also, I don’t really understand the Bubble plans. The $19 month includes these 10000 runs, but what is that really? Can I properly use Bubble as a free member?

The other thing is the interface will have to be in French and English (French: primary), but I want user to choose that. Can Bubble work in multilingual?

In the meantime I will continue doing the tutorials. I only have 5 more days to evaluate it with all the features, and I am not sure which features will stop once it is finished.

Which tutorials are you doing?

To my understanding, 10000 workflow runs means that everytime a user activates a workflow that counts as one excluding navigation related workflows? I’m not 100% sure on this and would appreciate anyone correcting me on this.

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Yes, a voting app is very easy. However, a good question is, how do you integrate it with the rest of your app (your wordpress site)?

Could you load it on your wordpress site with an iFrame? Maybe someone would have some insight into that…

These ones and