Whereby API - Auth Issue

Hi Everyone!

Anybody had any success (recently) using Whereby’s API?

I can’t get authenticated/have any success with it.

From what I can see in the docs, it’s Bearer Token auth. I’ve connected hundreds of BT-Auth API’s on Bubble and never had this issue. I keep getting a 401 or 403 unauthenticated response.

I’ve checked the API key is correct in Postman and using the exact same Body and Headers in Postman I get a 200 response with the expected data.

One thing I have seen in a YouTube video here, is that:

  1. The person adds the Body as a Parameters (not sure why), and
  2. The person sets the Global Auth as Private Key in Header and then specifies a “private_key” and normal Bearer {{token}} value. Again, not sure why this is done.

I’ve tried to copy the above and still get an error.

Whereby support aren’t being very helpful. Wondering if there’s anyone who has integrated successfully who can send me a screenshot of their setup?

Can you share the auth part in API Connector? Normally, you should use this part with Token in header as auth type and set the token there. Remove it from the API call itself.
Also, add a shared header (or header in API call) for the Content-type with value to application/json