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Which implementation is faster?

I am building a 1-page app. that have 10+ sections (not the Landing Page).
It loads very slowly.

I had all groups visible by default (I was hiding them in conditionals)
load time: ~8 seconds

I changed it and made all groups invisible.
load time: ~40 seconds.

What is the reason?

It is supposed to load faster when the elements are not visible by default and only load based on conditionals to be visible or not.

One thing about page load, is that as soon as you make a change to a page and test it, it will load considerably slower than it would on subsequent loads.

Try loading it and refreshing the page a few times to see if it loads faster after making a change.

why bubble can’t load faster?

Performance seems to be about a comprehensive approach to building a Bubble app.

Following, some resources to consider:

How To Optimize Your Website Speed - Bubble io Tutorial

Data architecture design in

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