Which is better for biz: .io vs .com.au (or .au)

Title says it all, i want to get a second opinion: which will better for the future of my business: .io or .com.au (or .au) domain?
(for a health-tech online service).

In my current opinion, .au or .com.au are too region specific. .io seems cool, short, respectable, and international. Yeah or nah?

It really depends on who your target market is. If you’re focused on the Australian market, or at least will start in Australia and then scale out to other countries at a later point in time (probably a wise move) then I’d buy both and use the .com.au to start with.

Having a .com.au domain is a quick way to signal to potential users of your platform where your focus is. Whereas a .io doesn’t tell me anything and people could assume AU isn’t a supported market as most things are US centric.

If/when you decide to go international you can always start using the .io then and re-direct the .com.au to that

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Thanks my man. It’s tricky because my main target is US but i want to offer it to australia, UK, NZ, and canada. The end goal is to have most users from US. I’ve been doing my SEO to accomodate US searchers (e.g. google keywords are very different between US and AU). So if i’m optimising SEO for my target (US) but i’m rockin the .com.au… idk man.

p.s. i own both domains so that’s not and issue/factor

Ah makes a lot of sense. Well the typical way to do this would be to create specific landing pages with the geo domains and push those in addition to the main domain.

So if the US market is key then put most of your focus there and on an international domain like .io

But there’s nothing stopping you creating an AU, NZ, UK etc etc specific landing page using the geo domains and trying to rank those. Of course when people go in product you just push them back to the .io. I’m not an SEO expert, but I’d assume it’s going to be way easier to rank .com.au for on AU Google or .co.uk on UK etc. Particularly if you’ve got a landing page that’s optimised for those countries not only because they talk about the country but you optimise the keywords based on what make sense for those markets, which you can never do all at once on one page for each market.

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Yeah ok i might do that.

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