Which is better practice: using a conditional vs a formatted as text?

Say I’m referencing a number field in a text element that is a count of records in the DB (e.g. 10 contact orders). I want to have a contingency that if there is only 1 order, the word “order” will be singular and not plural.

At first I was using a logic as follows:

Contact’s orders: count is 1: formatted as text, and then setup that formatted as text to be singular in yes, plural in no.

I recently learned another way of doing this by using conditional logic:

When Contact’s orders: count is 1: change body text to use singular (have body text by default to plural)

My question is which way would be better practice? Does using a conditional instead of a formatted as text more efficient performance wise?

The first option! If you add a condition to that element in the future, with the second option you now need to maintain multiple versions of this new condition with text saying both “order” and “orders. Gets very messy.