Which is faster page loads - dynamic data or conditions?

Hi all…

I’ve gotten some conflicting information in the past so I’d love to know if anyone has a definitive answer on this…

In terms of mobile page load times, is it generally faster to use dynamic data or conditions on a page?

I have a page that has 33 conditions in one of the boxes and it seems to be the slowest loading page so I’d like to know if I re-work the page, should using dynamic data result in faster load times?

Thanks for any help/insights…


have you tested it?

I think it might be case dependent, as you mention 33 conditions, which seems to be something that causes pages to load slower, at least I seem to experience that, however dynamic data if you are doing a search also slows things down.

Thank you, yes, that was my experience also, that both solutions have their own issues regarding speed…thanks very much, I’ll re-test I guess, probably the only way to really know…

Yes, because I really think it is dependent on the number of conditionals. I use conditionals to set up filter and sorting for search results, however the datasource is referring to a R.G. that is in a popup which gets loaded on page load, so I am only doing one data base query.

I just made a complex image uploader with a lot of conditionals for hiding elements based on the visibility of others and it seems to work a bit slowly

Yes, u have said that 33 conditions it seems it have certain problem, and dynamic data gives you the slowdown the phone

Great thank you for the assistance!