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Which of these 2 group organizations would you choose?

I am building a one page app where the website and app are all one bubble page, and am wondering which of these 2 makes the most sense for the long term. (I’m a beginner bubbler, but am learning custom states to make this all happen)

Option 1

  • site container
    • site header
    • site body
      • homepage
      • register/signup
      • etc, etc
    • site footer
  • app container
    • app header
    • app body
      • my profile
      • chat interface
      • etc etc
    • app footer

Option 2

  • header
    • site header
    • app header
  • body
    • (all “pages” and app interfaces here)
  • footer
    • site footer
    • app footer

Which would you choose?

I think 2.

This might help: Single-page application framework: App Shell [free tutorial]

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Thanks so much. Just subscribed!

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Option 2 looks great, well done…