Which way to go and tips - one screen development

Is there anyone who develops everything in one screen, or has tried to develop in this way and can give me some advantages, disadvantages and tips.

  1. For example I have not yet found an option to combine a Ext. vertical scrolling repeating group with with other fixed group to cover the screen and white blanks again > which mean when making the Ext. RG un visible it keep saving space on the screen, the more information you load the higher the screen increases and there is no option to return to natural height as soon as you open something else.
    *I tried to separate screens as groups to control (x,dx) to keep them away from the screen, doesn’t help.

Which way better to combine a few more screen to solve bugs, or continue that way include any sulotions?

Hi there, @aldevelops … I think you might find this thread to be of interest…


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@mikeloc Thank you for the great guidance, and she’s right about the single page and motivates.
But what if this vertical RG is > Ext. vertical scrolling with lots of data on the single page? there will be white blanks taking place on nothing.