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Whistleblowing app

Hello everyone,

I’m learning Bubble and trying to develop whistleblowing software for a ethics/human resources project I have. This is not an original idea, there are many of these web apps, but it is something I would like to do myself with no code, if possible.

Basically, x person from y institution/company could register, answer several questions from a multistep form, and then send it as a report. Then, on the other end, a person responsible to investigate and assess these sorts of reports from each company would have an account where would be able to read the reports concerning his/her institution/company and could respond. So x person from y institution/company would file the report and, on the other side, a person from y company would be able to read and respond.

Is this possible to do with bubble? I have already looked around the platform and saw some video and tried some things, but would like to know if this is possible before going any further.

Kind regards,

thank you

Hi there, @law4all.95… what you have described is definitely possible, and it’s actually kind of basic in terms of the kinds of features and functionality folks are implementing with Bubble. So, in short, keep going with Bubble… you will not be disappointed!



Thank you for your reply!

Would you recommend to look at some features and plugins in particular? I have seen for example multistep form plugins

Thank you

Well, I am definitely in the native Bubble or bust camp, so I can’t help you on the plugin front because I rarely (if ever) use them in my apps. That being said, I wouldn’t shy away from using plugins if I were you… just know you are giving up some of what I believe is arguably the most significant benefit of the Bubble platform… control.

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Why do you need a whistleblowing software?