White screen on single page app

Single Page Version of my App always crashes whenever user attempts to upload photo through phone camera although it doesn’t happen on all phones. What could be the reason for this behaviour?
I opted for custom states to show and hide groups.

Thanks in advance

You could be having a lot of data being loaded unintentionally.

I recently needed to change the behavior of a search by date range function because I originally had the constraints set to the date pickers value, which caused all data to change when user selected a new date and page took too long and crashed. Now I set it to a custom state and it works just fine as the user needs to press a ‘set dates’ button to set the custom state value all constraints are tied to.

Thanks @boston85719
I have checked the workflow and there’s really no unecessary tasks in the workflow. I notice the web version doesn’t crash apart from the native version wrapped by BDK native.

I wonder if other bubblers have experienced the same.


I was not referring to workflows when I said might have a lot of data loading unintentionally. I was referring to having data loaded, so data sources of elements which may change when you are hiding/showing different elements.

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