Who makes a living out of bubble


Really enjoying bubble, I like most users am kind of nervous but excited about getting to grips with learning everything and making an attempt to build an idea.

I have been trying to do a bit of research and I was wondering how many people have successfully created a business using their bubble app. I’d be interested to hear of apps made purely through bubble and any stories of apps that started on bubble to.

I’m a long way off from having a fully fledged app but, it’s always nice and inspirational to hear real stories from people who this program has really helped. I’d also be interested in any Gotchya’s of things you wish you had done differently when starting out on your projects.



I do! I built a complete point-of-sale (POS) system for a niche customer base almost entirely in Bubble. This is my day job and it’s so satisfying to now have complete control of the software I sell and support.

Take a look: Wash-Dry-Fold POS

It feels incredibly appropriate that I built software for drop-off laundry services at laundromats with something called “Bubble” :rofl:


:wave:Another one here with a registration software for sport camps.

For more checkout the Showcase and the App of the Day

Biggest thing is talk to your potential customers before the app is built and build only for a very specific value proposition that they want or need for your first version.

App development is never complete and it’s so easy to just keep building secondary features without ever validating that someone will pay for your main value proposition.


Hey @j.cheethamx :wave:

Too funny, I will be doing a blog post on my eLearning Hub about this exact topic soon. I have done research and found some cool examples of this that I will be featuring.

@BrianHenderson do you mind if I add your software to my list to feature in my post?

Oh, and I make a living off of Bubble technically too. It’s teaching about Bubble, but even my eLearning Hub is built on Bubble and I have paying members there too.

Hope that helps! :blush:

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

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@alexreed92 I resell 4G LTE failover routers and cellular data connections for around $25/month, too. If the store loses internet from their main “landline” provider, the router kicks in to a cellular network in less than 10 seconds automatically. Then when the main connection comes back on it recovers to that automatically to keep cellular data usage low. So any store concerned about internet connectivity can come to us for a solution for that as well :blush: Many laundromats have ATMs and self-service payment systems for the washers and dryers that need internet connectivity backup as well so it’s a good fit.


Sure thing @J805

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Thanks! :blush:

Dude this is insane. The best work I have come across on Bubble. Design need some work but who cares. It’s an insane build.


Aw shucks @sanjuujosephh thank you! I’ve been geeking out about making Bubble talk to hardware. It’s very fun clicking a button and making a cash drawer kick open or making a credit card reader beep.

The receipt printer, cash drawer, and label printer interface is all done locally on the end user’s computer so I don’t have to worry about anything getting “compromised” and kicking open cash drawers all over the place like I would if I were doing some kind of API connection for printing. (Cash drawers are controlled through receipt printers typically.)


Could you explain a bit more about what that implies in terms of the functionality on the end of Bubble? Are these actions not being completed using what you built in Bubble and instead relies on a 3rd party component?

Take a look at JSPrintManager by Neodynamic. It’s locally installed on each client’s computer and serves as the go-between for Bubble and the printers. Allows for printing without a print dialog! Also different printers for different types of printing, all done automatically.


I started on Bubble 5 Months ago, my wife opened up a grooming salon and I couldn’t find any of the software that had everything I thought they would need all in one. I’ve worked in Hotel & Hospitality software for 10 years on an old dead language, so when I found Bubble I thought I would give it a shot.

I created basically a PMS system with Time Management, Appointment Booking (Online by their clients with an availability system built in Bubble and in-house) POS with Inventory (in house and online) and some accounting features and I keep adding every day because it’s just insanely easy. I’m still not even close to going public with it or to even showcase it, but I already have 3 clients and my income from Bubble is equal to my full time job already. I’ve kind of paused advertising because my product lacks one thing; Documentation! I had to build so quickly that I haven’t had time to sit down and create How-To’s or anything for it. I’m hoping to have most it of wrapped up in a few months so that I can finally showcase it.

I’ve only been using Bubble for a short time but so far I’m extremely pleased with it’s capacities and performance!


Is that you on the video ? Congrts

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I can’t tell you how happy this makes me :grin:


@lucas.ar Yes that’s me. Thank you!

That is fantastic @bcart0v !

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Wow, thanks a lot for all the info everyone, looking great, glad to see it’s been a success for you all :slight_smile:

Amazing job mate, I smile when I see people earning from Bubble and building great things. Love Bubble!

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Cool app @BrianHenderson. I worked in the laundry industry for 8 years and know this must have taken some time. I’m curious if you could share how you did the grab and drag look. I can imagine its a few conditions of when hover and when pressed but and looked quickly to see if i could play a little but couldn’t get the mouse to even grab the group to make it look like it was dragging over.


@chris19 There is a draggable elements plugin that makes this effect a breeze.

The REAL trick was figuring out how to get the touchscreen Windows 10 computers we use for our POS systems to play nice with dragging things around in Google Chrome. Turns out if you add “ —touch-events” to the end of the file path for Chrome then the dragging effect while using a touchscreen suddenly behaves itself nicely.