Who might know of a tool, that can visualize users and connections between them?

Dear Community
Im new to bubble, so hope I have categorized this correctly.

Does anyone know if you can build / integrate Social Network Analysis in Bubble?
I essentially want the users to be able to:

  • View elements via a geographical map view, showing the location of different organizations.
  • Shift to cluster view, showing organizations clustered around the same values.
  • Be able to sort (show / not show organizations) using filters

See images for reference.

Really hoping someone can help:)

Emil from Denmark

I want to learn the same!

Hej Emil

I don’t know if i understand your question but i think this should be possible
Can you maybe explain your idea?

(Også fra Danmark)

Hej Jacob, thanks for your reply.
Would interesting to get your thoughts on it.
Where are you located in DK? :slight_smile:



I would be very interested in learning how to generate such network visualization from bubble data as well. Is there any available resource I could turn to?

Thanks very much in advance!


If you want to do it on a map like this, I believe the leafy plugin would be the place to start

Hi, thanks for that!
Actually, I’m trying to build some dynamic network visualizations. For example, I’m collecting some data about people via a survey, let’s say academics and their research interests, but also other fields. Then, I’d like bubble to be able to show a network of how person X’s interests are related to other people’s interests in the database already collected. Like if I’m researching water sanitation, I’d like to see a dataviz of the other topics that people who research water sanitation have defined as their interest. I hope this makes sense.
Many thanks!

That has to do with how you set up your database and filter and return search results.

If you put on a user data type a list of topics which a user is interested in, you could do a search for other users and filter based on the list of topics and maybe add a filter to show only those users whose list of topics include a specific topic, such as water sanitation.

This is done via a repeating group.

If you want to make it so that you are collecting information that people are viewing, you need to set up workflows for on page load when they view that page that has a specific topic, you add that topic to their list of interests.