💻 Who wants a VS Code extension for developing Bubble plugins?

Hi all. I’ve spent the last three weeks building Bask - a VS Code extension for streamlining Bubble plugin development. While Bask itself is not yet prime time ready, I have a first draft of our docs posted here.

Ideally, I’d like to get feedback on this first draft of features / docs.

Given the effort to produce this thing (but more importantly, to maintain it) this would be something I charge for on a monthly / annual basis. That said, this will have features that likely pay for themselves, such as:

  • Automated and recurring plugin unit test reports and alerts
  • AI plugin developer assistant
  • Plugin usage statistics

Those who are interested in being an early user and who provide feedback would get 30% off our product for life (where the price is yet to be determined but will be set to be enticing). Would love to hear any thoughts, recommendations, and respectful criticism. Thank you!

*EDIT… Pinging