💻 Who wants a VS Code extension for developing Bubble plugins?

You know, for whatever reason the github sync always gave me issues the few times I tried it… but isn’t now. Am sketching a much better development flow (one that automates the require manual github sync while isolating local code in a way that can be tested, tree-shaked, and deployed back to bubble). Will follow up / post when I iron it out. Thank you so much for your comments everyone. This convo has really brightened my day.


There were definitely a few kinks to work out early on. I recall sending at least a couple support requests to fix a borked sync back in 2018, but I haven’t had any issues since.

Good luck.

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I would love to have a video walkthrough of your workflow.


I’ve something promising in the works. Will share once ready!


I tried building something like in the past but was not sure if there would be enough interest. I do have a boilerplate I use and VS code Snippets.

If there is enough interest in this and we can truly work on this as an open-source project collectivly I can share the repos. Hopefully from there it can become a true extention


Hi all. I’ve spent the last three weeks building Bask - a VS Code extension for streamlining Bubble plugin development. While Bask itself is not yet prime time ready, I have a first draft of our docs posted here.

Ideally, I’d like to get feedback on this first draft of features / docs.

Given the effort to produce this thing (but more importantly, to maintain it) this would be something I charge for on a monthly / annual basis. That said, this will have features that likely pay for themselves, such as:

  • Automated and recurring plugin unit test reports and alerts
  • AI plugin developer assistant
  • Plugin usage statistics

Those who are interested in being an early user and who provide feedback would get 30% off our product for life (where the price is yet to be determined but will be set to be enticing). Would love to hear any thoughts, recommendations, and respectful criticism. Thank you!

*EDIT… Pinging


Nice work zelly

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Great work, dude. Thank you for the contribution! This seems really cool. Building plugins has always been a pain in the ass, for sure. Just the lack of a simple “format code” ability drives me crazy.

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In no way am I sticking up for the plugin editor here, but (⌘ + A) then (⇧ + ⇥) does perform a basic formatting sweep.


Stahhhpppp! :exploding_head: What are those second groups of buttons in English? :rofl:


shift + tab

In addition to what Exception and Doug said, VS Code, of course, does a great job of formatting our code once we’ve manually git synced it from Bubble to a local workspace. Big goal of this project is to automate all of that manual syncing. That and maintain git-controlled versions of our production files AND source files.

@zelus_pudding How to get access of it?



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Thank you for your interest, ankur1 and Eli! While I know not everyone responding has explicitly asked to be an early user, I’ll definitely notify those who’ve commented here when I’m ready to give access. You’ll be the first on my list :slight_smile:

That said, am aiming to have an alpha release in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

And to all others reading, I’m definitely still open to feedback / feature requests beyond those listed in our first draft docs.

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BTW, @zelus_pudding, this does seem interesting to me, though I’m not sure if it solves particular pain points for me wrt Bubble plugin development. I’d be interested to check it out and provide feedback as I’m able. Glad to see someone thinking about and working on this, of course!

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I appreciate the interest! That said, I reviewed your post from Oct’22 and I imagine this plugin would adequately resolve the pains listed in points:

  • 2: Minification breaks on Bubble’s function definitions (because they’re wonky). I have a working system using ES Build that ingests an SSA and minifies / treeshakes without issue. I’m 99% sure my process extends to other minification tools.
  • 5: No easy way to save a version of a plugin without publishing it: we version control the entirety of a plugin’s src and dist files… so any git-commit is one you could revert to. These snapshots can be distributed across the main, bask_dev, and some bask_main type of branching setup.

That said, what pain points would a VS Code extension ideally solve for you? One I hadn’t planned but could consider is your point 4 - implement an easy Copy / Paste for setting up new Client Side Actions. Are there other pain points you have?

@AliFarahat had mentioned a few of his own pain points in that thread.

  • 3: Can’t create / return custom objects! This is solvable. Although I can’t fix the fact it would pollute the Bubble Workspace Dropdown picker with useless API calls, I could create a little VS Code based wizard that correctly implements the hack that makes returning custom objects from SSAs an easier thing to setup.
  • 5: Aside from the complaint that the version of Node that SSAs run is out of date (Bubble is fixing that) we will still be unable to use ES Modules. While that is true in one sense, there’s a fix for that. In fact, Scious Search uses ES Modules. The trick is in bundling / treeshaking our code into a production ready version. Bask will natively be able to do this at launch.
  • 7: can we have a VS Code extension? I say yes.

If I didn’t address a point you’ve written about, it’s because we can’t solve it with Bask. But I’m curious if I’m missing any others.

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wow, had this exact same idea multiple times and even had a chat with @theo.goldberg about it on a call a few months ago

would love to check out any early version and perhaps even help develop it


Brilliant docs.

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The docs seem really promising - the features already seem a massive leap forward from the primitive things I’m doing now.

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