💻 Who wants a VS Code extension for developing Bubble plugins?

Oh, really!? Then that’s likely the issue. Let me take a look at that.

… as an addendum, I want to circle back to what you said earlier about “making a fresh install of everything”… I did just notice that alert in your modded VS Coded installation indicating that your “Cursor installation appears to be corrupt…”. So if by reinstall you meant to install a non-modded version of VS Code, then perhaps that is the solution. Going out on a limb but because I haven’t seen this issue with any of our existing users and because I see that other extensions aren’t working correctly for you, would you be willing to reinstall a standard version of VS code? If nothing else, that would help me rule that out as a factor in the error. Please let me know.

The corrupt version is a bug. It’s nothing. Maybe if I had a look at the source I could figure it out, I’m pretty handy in those realms. Shoot me a DM if you want to dig further.

@zelus_pudding I’m having the same issue (never prompted for bubble credentials, Error fetching Bubble auth token), a standard install of VS code. Where do you keep the creds, can’t we just provide them in a config file or smth?

And chrome is my default browser as well

Thank you for confirming that behavior @jachowicz.piotr :slight_smile: Between your and @GhostCodes’ bug report, I’ve been able to reproduce the issue on my end. Working on a fix and will report back with our patch. Thank you for your patience - looking forward to having this fix out end of business day Monday.

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Awesome, let me know. Can’t wait to test the plugin

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@GhostCodes, @jachowicz.piotr and forum friends, I’m excited to share what I have tested to be a working patch for Bask. Please upgrade to version v0.8.15 and let me know how it goes.

Also, as a general note, Bubble accounts using 2FA are now able to sign in using Bask :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s working well. Would you mind restarting my trial today since I was not able to use it? :slight_smile:

ALSO: Another bug as it seems, or maybe im not doing something right.

I’m trying to save my file with or without build mode, and no what I set on the build settings, it always erases my plugin code on Bubble. I’m also using the refresh plugin.

Is there something I’m missing?

When the above happens, it breaks my plugins code. I have to revert to older changes to fix the plugin.

Hey GhostCodes, I am looking at the bug report now.

Given those troubles, I’ve extended your and @jachowicz.piotr free trials to 15 days from today.

I’ll circle back with an update when ready, thank you!

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Just FYI I still have not been able to use this extension as intended.

Please let me know when you fix, I’m going to need to cancel the subscription otherwise (still haven’t gotten any use out of it).

  • Cannot save or use autoload without it removing the code (on the Bubble editor) on save/build. Results in this being unusable.

Hey there GhostCodes, thank you for your patience over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Now that we’re back in the office we’re looking into that issue. I’ve yet to be able to reproduce this particular one so have DMd for a chance to review via video. Nevertheless, I’ve extended your free trial to 21 days (a week longer than our base trial).

To be sure, you have not been billed thus far and, if you so need to, can cancel your subscription at any time. That said, I hope we can find a time to meet so I can fix that and get you developing with Bask as soon as possible. Thank you!

So, Bask finally asked me for credentials, so that’s good :slight_smile:
I presume I should be seeing the code in the appropriate places in the plugin editor after saving in vs code, right? At the moment it blanks out all the windows :grin:

Same issue mate! :slight_smile:
Not sure what’s going on but @zelus_pudding seems to be on it.


Sorry, somehow I missed the messages. I hope we’ll get this resolved soon :slight_smile:

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Recreated this issue with another Bask user and am focusing on this today. Looking to have a fix out as soon as possible - thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

Announcing Bask v0.8.19 . Thank you for your patience all :slight_smile: This update is pretty exciting for the same reason it’s taken over a week:

  • Bask now runs a lot faster because we’ve removed the puppeteer dependency! Using puppeteer was holding back the project in several ways and with it gone we’re finally in a position to rapidly iterate on Bask and fix new issues as they arise.

  • Bask now updates plugins without locking the plugin editor :partying_face: Naturally, the Bask unlock command has been removed.

  • Diagnostic information pertaining to build failures is now printed to a dedicated Bask Channel under the VS Code Output tab. We still show an alert of build failure but point you to that channel output for details.

  • I’ve updated the default build.mjs file to demonstrate how to apply different build settings to different kinds of plugin actions. See here for details on what’s available. If Bask does not seem to be working when in Build mode, please check your build settings for issues.

Those four steps forward did suffer one step back - in the process of removing Puppeteer we temporarily gave up support for Bubble accounts using 2FA. We’re working on bringing that back but in the meantime users can still enjoy Bask by temporarily disabling 2FA on their Bubble accounts.

This update has been tested and shown working on several plugins including those of other Bubble users. That said, @GhostCodes and @jachowicz.piotr there’s still a chance you’ll run into errors. Please let me know if you do and I’ll jump in asap to resolve. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Yah! Thank you folks for ironing out the glitches before I try it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is a search/replace feature across multiple plugins available?

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Bask doesn’t explicitly have a search/replace feature but VS Code does so you could apply that onto however many plugins you needed to update. So you could download 10 to 20 plugins to your filesystem pretty quickly using Bask Switch. Then perform the needed search/replace across all plugins at the same time. Then Bask switch through all the plugins again to save (upload) each plugin back up to Bubble. Keep in mind we do have a 14 day free trial you could use to try this out :slight_smile: Cheers!

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