[Who's used this?] Restoring DB to get scheduled workflows back

Hi Bubble community,

You hopefully all have the sense that the Bubble product is complex :slight_smile: From time to time, we may come to the community to ask “Who’s used feature X?”, when we’ve realized that Feature X is either imposing a large cost behind-the-scenes or causing unreliability elsewhere. The idea is that we want to remove feature X, but want to double-check the usage of it.

(We’ve recently been adding more feature usage logging for analyses like this one, so hopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer more of these questions ourselves!)

The feature in question here: restoring your app’s database to a previous point in time purely to get previous scheduled workflows back (by restoring “All types” or just “Scheduler”). If you have used this in the past, please let us know!

Note: this is not about the feature to restore your database for normal data types - this is purely about scheduled workflows.

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Hi all,

We are going ahead and deprecating this feature - specifically, the ability to restore a past state of your scheduled workflows. Without getting too far into the nitty gritty, deprecating this allows us to patch up a few other places that are currently causing instability.

In the event that you’ve wiped your scheduled workflows mistakenly, we recommend you re-trigger whatever the initial kickoff for them is.

Thanks all for the understanding and patience - this will strengthen Bubble for the longer term.


Hi @allenyang

Deprecate will be effective now? Best advice will be to save all scheduling in db and start them manually in case of emergency, right?

The deprecation is getting kicked off today, so should take effect early this week sometime.

The best advice will depend on what exactly you’re trying to do. I could see a workaround where you save all scheduled workflows to the DB to serve as a reference, if that’s what you mean. But if you just want a way to kick off all scheduled workflows again in the event of a wipe, that’s probably easier to address (eg a button on a hidden page).

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Hi @allenyang ,

This is a very urgent situation.

I made a massive mistake today and overwrote the live database with the dev database.

It meant to do it on a different app (I had two apps open at the same time)

Is there any way of restoring the scheduler? There are 10,000’s of records in the database and many will have scheduled records.

If not is there an easy way to reference which scheduled tasks have been lost?

Many thanks