Why am I experiencing inconsistent set state errors across different Bubble apps?

Hi everyone,

I’m encountering an issue with my Bubble application and I’m hoping someone might be able to help or shed some light on whether this is a bug with Bubble or something I’m doing incorrectly.

Here’s the situation:

In the Bubble.io interface, there’s an alert indicating I have an issue to fix: my group week calendar date is not an option to set a state. I’ve read on the forum that you can’t add set states within a repeating group, and my set state indeed in a group within a repeating group, but here’s where it gets confusing:

I’ve created this same app on another Bubble application, and it works perfectly fine there without any error messages. However, when I copied and pasted this calendar into a different app, I started getting the error message.

Also, despite this error, the set state functionality appears to work correctly. The set state is supposed to activate when you click on a date in the calendar, showing the availability for that date and determining whether a particular date is selected. Specifically, when a date is clicked, it sets the state to “selected” with a value of “yes.” This value turns blue, which traditionally means it’s accepted in Bubble. Yet, it still appears in the list of issues to fix as “not a possible option.”

To summarize:

•	The set state is functional from the front end (clicking a date changes the color correctly).
•	The same setup works fine in another Bubble application.
•	Copying and pasting the calendar into a new app results in an error message.

I’m unsure if this is a bug on Bubble.io’s side or if there’s something I’m missing. Has anyone else experienced this issue or can provide any insights?

Thanks in advance for your help!