Why am I getting this alert with a simple signup workflow?

@Bubble Has anyone had an issue with a simple signup workflow. I am getting this error whenever I create a new account for my app. It’s a simple signup. There is no API involved in the workflow. What’s more, it creates an account but only with the email address and password. No other information is saved.

Should I submit a bug report?

If possible can you post a picture of the workflow? If its just sign the user up action I would recommend submitting a bug report via this link: https://bubble.io/bug_report


Are you using a custom domain? If so, have you entered your Google API key in your settings?

@lantzgould I am using a custom domain. But I’m not sure of an API key for a domain.

@gaffneyantonio ah okay. Your app is looking for your Google Geocode API key. You can add one under Settings > General > Geocode API. I believe if you click on ‘docs’ next to it it’ll take you to Googles page where you can sign up and get your key.

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@lantzgould thank you for you response. I’m just curious, can you tell me how that affect a signup workflow? and if it would affect anything else? thank you for your help.

@gaffneyantonio no problem!

The reason it’s firing the error is cause your referencing the ‘current geographic position’ in your signup workflow. So essentially the ‘position’ depends on googles geocode API service to function properly. If you were to change it to ‘current geographic location’, it would depend on google maps API.


@ Ohhh. Gotcha, thanks so much for explaining that to me.

@gaffneyantonio Also,

Either way, being on a custom domain requires you to enter your own personal API key. This is due to Googles rules on usage of the keys, since being in a custom domain is considered a ‘production’ app. Other wise if you were in Bubbles free plan, you can use their API key (built in) but it’s rate limited which means after a certain amount of map loads or usage of ‘calls’ (using anything google. I.e. Current Geographic Location) would count as a hit and would return an error if you went over the amount.

And anytime! :slight_smile:


@lantzgould quick question…would the google maps api be the same for google geocode api?

@gaffneyantonio I’m not on my desktop right now but if I recall, I believe they’re separate. Once you signup through google, you’ll have access to the Google Console. I think on the left hand side there’s a section for API’s, then Library. You should be able search for ‘Geocode’ and grab it from there and just paste it into Bubble Settings.

I check the console weekly to keep an eye on the budget. But google gives you 200 credit, and I haven’t gone past that yet. Just thought I’d mention it. Check out their documentation too.

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