Why are my Element Actions disappearing?

Why do I not have all my Element Action options???

Certain actions become available once you draw that type of element on the page. (Ex. show an alert only becomes possible once at least one alert exists on the page).


Thank you!

Do you think you could also tell me why I have no option to choose “current cell’s…” ?

This button is within the cell of a repeating group.


In your screenshot, it looks like you have two issues to resolve. I’d suggest resolving those first, and your issue will likely resolve itself. Likely that you haven’t set a data type for your repeating group?

I’ve set the data type to images… here’s a screenshot

Got it. The reason is that the “Delete” functions you’re trying to access are for data in the form of database records, not for files (images).

You want to use the “delete an uploaded file” function instead. I’d agree that it’s not quite as intuitive as you might think.

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Thanks for taking the time @dan1 !

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