Why Bubble doesn't have database caching?

How does database caching work in Bubble? Does Bubble incorporate this concept? Does anyone have ideas on handling database searches and individual data requests in Bubble?

For super fast search, I’m team algolia all day.

For secure data searches that are efficient, I’d use supabase/xano.

For secure searches without an external auth/db provider. Bubble

It’s slow sometimes but it gets the job done.


I just thought about creating a cache data type that updates counts every 24 hours (e.g if you’re displaying how many users your app has on the homepage). But, it just seems to be more WU expensive than counting on every page load :confused: 0.2 WU to count the entire data table, vs 0.3 WU to find the specific record that contains the cached value.

I wish Bubble would allow Do a search for (unique ID) to be a simple retrieval rather than a search and adjust WU accordingly. Behind the scenes, that’s how it works anyway…

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