Why can I see other people using my app?

I recently published this app

Problem is… I can see other people using it?!
I don’t understand how/why that’s a thing.
How do I make it so that it runs locally?

If someone tells me how I’ll be happy to share a link to the editable version.
Thank you.

It seems like the issue is the fact you are saving the list on the right to a general list that everyone uses.

What you’d want to do is to use Custom States. Custom states are local, and reset when you refresh the page. Hope this helps!

Feel free to let me know if you need more clarification.

:name_badge: Drake Dussault
:link: https://afterthought-system.com/

I just threw this together, feel free to look around:

View page:


Hey, thank you so much for your reply and the example you put together!!

I had no idea I was supposed to use “Custom State”. I found a tutorial from Bubble on youtube and managed to convert my app to use custom states. It is now so much faster and most importantly local!

However a new problem came up :sweat_smile: Now I can’t add villagers with the same score! I think Bubble is dropping the values because they are “duplicates”, although that’s fine for me cause more villagers can have the same score!

I tried using your way of having a different type (Animals, with Name and Points) but that won’t work for me cause I’m taking Name and Score from an Airtable repeating group.

Any idea how I could fix this? a part from giving each villager a unique score :laughing:
Thank you!!

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