Why can't I access custom state?

I’m trying to create a ‘Membership’ thing which has a ‘club’ data field of type club.

When I try set the club, using a custom state - I can’t… It’s strange because I can access the custom state for the ‘Only when’ condition…

V confused, any suggestions?

What do you mean you can’t set it? Why can’t you?

No idea, just doesn’t come up:
club group join missing

It does however show for the Step 1 action in the same workflow:

You’ll only see Groups in the field box if either they contain data of the field type (either as their content or in a custom state), OR if there is a direct path from data they contain to the data you’re trying to set…

e.g. if the field if of type ‘Club’ and GroupA has a custom state of type Club, then you’ll be able to access GroupA’s club.

Or, GroupA has a custom state of User, the User datatype has a field of City, and the City datatype has a field of Area, and the Area datatype has a field of Club…

Then you can access GroupA’s User’s City’s Area’s Club, for example.

But if there is no direct pathway from the Group’s data then it won’t appear as an option for setting the field.

So, presumably, that’s the case here.

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That resolved it for me, and also will help me troubleshoot in the future now I know how this works.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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