Why cant i access my nested data types?

Hi, i was wondering if someone could help my understand why im not able to access my nested custom data type “Seller”. Its clearly displaying the current users email so it must know who the current user is, so why can i not retrieve the sellers first name etc.? I don’t have any privacy rules set so i’m a bit confused. Im sure its something very simple i just cant seem to find it.



Have you set User’s Buyer to be the Buyer thing ?

The sellers thing? As i dont know what that means i assume not :slight_smile: How would i go about doing this? If you can give me a link or a phrase that i can easily search that would be super useful.
Thanks for the super speedy response

You need to tell Bubble WHICH record on the SELLER table is attached to the USER.

So you would expect to see something like …

Create the Seller record. Then update the User record with THAT Seller.

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There we go, i knew it was something simple. Thanks a lot for the help! Saved me a lot of time.

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