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Why can't I edit my own post on the forum?

I just updated one of my plugin and would like to update the showcase thread I posted on the forum, but the edit buttons aren’t showing. When hovering the trash button a tooltip appears saying I’m not allowed to delete the topic.

Why is that??

(yes I’m logged in :yum:).

Hi @julienallard1

I don’t know much about this, but here are some limitations, take a look.

Thanks for replying quickly. I just found out that users with the member badge (trust level 2) can edit their own posts up to 30 days old…

That is too bad, how then can I post updates on my plugin without leaving obsolete informations behind?

Is there someone in charge who can remove this limitation for this post?

I’m not sure, but maybe the moderators have this authority. The moderators helped me when I wasn’t allowed to delete a post before, but your situation is very different. Tag them here, they can see them more quickly, and you can get answers.

Where did you get this information? I wonder what the situation is for the regular level.

Could you see if you can grant me some permission whatsoever?

I’m sorry, I think I’ve seen one or two people at the Leader level, and I’m sure one of them is @emmanuel

But I m not sure the leader can give you the right to edit the old posts. Maybe you can add your update as a reply to the bottom of the post.

I just sent a request to the team to see what can be done about it.

Updating the post with a reply means leaving outdated information at the top of the topic. This will confuse readers.

You’re right, but we meet often.

Here and here as you will see.

A lot of times, I wish I had read from the end to the beginning :slight_smile:

Yes I got the same issue. @eve I need to change my post to simplify things:
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Thanks in advance.

Hey folks!

As discussed above, these are limitations within the forum system we are using (Discourse). If you need to update a (very old) post, our team members can certainly assist; please feel free to email us at [email protected]