Why can't I open up

I tried everything… I even bought another domain that can redirect it to the main I bought earlier… My app is called

Looks to me like you’re redirecting your domain/app home page to itself. (At least, your Bubble app seems to be trying to do that.)

I’m sure there’s some very kind soul who would help you get your stuff sorted for a small fee.

In short: your domain settings may be somewhat effed up at your domain registrar (possibly). You’ve likely not set up your custom domain settings correctly in your Bubble app’s admin (probably). And thirdly, you may have workflows on your home page (LOOK FOR THE ONE(S) TRIGGERING ON PAGE LOAD, duh) that are simply redirecting in a loop (almost definitely).

Takes some doing to make things that weird. Congrats, I guess?

Anyway, the issues are quite simple to resolve, but you very much need the help of someone who knows what they’re doing. Make your editor public and someone (not me) will likely just fix it for you (at least, if the problem’s purely in your app, which it could be.)

Okay thanks