Why Current Page is not showing as an option in Things to change

I was watching a Tutorial and there was a Current Page option there in “Things to change” option.

While in my application the same was not present and what exactly is Current page option referring to?

Hi there, @jg11… in order to see that option in the dropdown, the page itself has to have a Type of content set, and you will have to send that type of content to the page any time you navigate to it.


Hope this helps.


Hi Mike, Very thanks for the solution and now it worked. But I am not able to know that why we are using it exactly.

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If you are always displaying a particular type of content on a page, setting the page’s type of content to the associated data type will give you access to that data type’s fields at the page level.

Hi @mikeloc, again thanks for the help just one help more I need.

I want to make responsiveness be it for laptop or mobile and I am getting stuck there. So, is there any best resource or any trick you would suggest to make pages responsive.

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