Why do people use Google Sheet + Zapier in Bubble vs Bubble databases?

Am i missing out on an advantage in using Google Sheets over Bubble databases?

Yeperidoo Cdorozco16.

The advantage of using Google Sheets as a source of information is simple that some people and groups are very comfortable and invested in google sheets. It can be easier (in the short term?) to get an enterprise to embrace a new technology when seen through a familiar modality… decreases training time, integrates with existing data, etc…

It’s not good for all situations.

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Hey @ashley.benson.tait, I like your “Happy Bubblin’” tagline. I was listening to ProductHunt’s recent podcast with Ben Halpern of dev.to and there was discussion of how “Happy Coding!” became a common valediction over on dev.to and how that has helped shape the community there.

So, I hereby decree that all great forum posts and replies should close with “Happy Bubblin’!” <-- I added the ! because I think this makes it more sincere.

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Sheets are very comfortable to quickly manipulate a lot of datas (copying, altering, matching…)