Why do tables not output some columns?

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Quite new here and great to be part of this community. This is a weird bug that is driving me up the wall and in much Googling I have been unable to figure out the issue. If anyone has some insights, that would be appreciated. Some data columns just refuse to output in a table. No matter if I use the bubble hanson table or any of the three most installed plugins, they refuse to output as anything other than blank.

I have a DB table with quite a lot of columns (63) (too many?) and about 700 rows of data. Several of these columns are filled by an API process and some of them contain negative numbers. See this screenshot for an example. In the following example the two columns on the right starting with osd_ (among others I have not included) refuse to output:

At first I thought it was a decimal issue but the floor_price column outputs fine. These columns were the last ones that I added to the table. Is this just too many columns for bubble to handle?

I really thought bubble would be a great way for me to easily display data I’m gathering from a few different places but quirks like this are very frustrating.

Here are some screenshots of the output using a variety of table plugins:

The bubble regular table:

The first plugin I tried:

And another:

And yet another:

It’s super frustrating and there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why this is happening. I even went through and removed any records that had empty values for any of the OSD columns I’m attempting to output but to no avail.

Any assistance or ideas anyone can provide would be much appreciated.


I did find one topic in the forum that may be vaguely related to this one from back in 2016 so I’m not sure it’s relevant however it did make me think about the difference in how I am loading data into the database.

(for ref: Table is not displaying columns with dynamic data )

The data that does display correctly is being pushed to the database via the exposed API through the POST command (for new records) or the PATCH command (for updating existing records) via an external node server.

The data that does not display is being fetched from an external API through a backend bubble workflow. That being said, when I view the data in the database (as per my first screenshot above), it all looks to be there as per normal.

Not sure about this issue, but did you try to rename colum that start with osd_ by replacing the underscore by something else like a space?

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Ah wow, so thanks Jici, you tweaked me to go dig further into the database tables. It wasn’t an issue with the name of the field. It was an issue with me being too specific with privacy rules and then forgetting (as I added the osd fields later) so they would not output. I had select fields allowed to be viewed by the public instead of all so thanks for giving me a thread to pull on.

Notice to anyone else seeing this issue, check your privacy settings!!

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