Why do you assign a data type to a page?

This is a basic question, but the answer will help me with a lot of other things im curious about.

Why do you assign a data type to a page? What does that accomplish? When is it required? Is it ever not needed?


It will allow you to use the slug feature for a human readable and shareable URL.

It will make life easier for referencing the datasource as the current pages thing.

Makes it a bit easier to navigate to the page and send data with it, so from a search result to a listing page

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Great for slugs. Or pages you might what to reference externally.

It used to be good for Listing Page > send thing > Detail page … but now I would not do that as it is fairly slow. I would have a group on a page.

The key takeaway … you don’t need one on every page. So don’t set one unless you have to.

Example … User Profile page. Don’t think “Oh I better add the user as a page type”. Use them where you NEED them.

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thank you very much Nigel.

thank you Bos!