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Why does ever CAD/MDT Companies sell the same CAD/MDT's?

Why is there so many CAD/MDT Companies selling the same CAD/MDT’s? Like you call yourself a CAD Company but yet sell the same CAD that every other CAD company sells. Like come on build your own CAD/MDT like some people do. If you need help just asked like there are couple of people on here that make’s their own CAD’s.

Every cad company has the same cads because no one makes new cads, And if they do they won’t make anymore because all everyone’s does is buy sell and resell same process with every cad

Ik. But if you never sell backend then no one will have the same CAD tho.

Good point.

Thank you. But like half of the companies just want to make money instead of CADs like are you that lazy to make a simple or complex CAD. Like if you really need to just look at a CAD and see how they did it then change it and make it your own way. Like it’s not a bad thing to look at another CAD to get helped.

I’m not scared to say that i got help from @Play_StationJr. I’m glad he is a good person.

He’s a good person.

Some People Don’t Know How To Make Cads So They Buy Cads From Other Companies And Sell Them In There Own

@brycew272 i understand that but if you are going to do that don’t say that you made it.

because one one can be original and everyone changes one or two thingings then call it there own and resells them for an outrageous price when its the same thing

@lsrlrpc.devteam Ik and it’s stupid this is why the CAD/MDT stuff is going down hill