Why does my filter work before search but not after?

I have a basic directory of companies in a repeating group that are tagged by industry.


  • Users can filter by multiple industries via a multi-drop down and list updates.
  • Users can search by keyword. Click search, List updates.
  • When the search field and the dropdown is empty, it resets to show all companies.

Not working:

  • After searching, the filters don’t do anything, even if the search field is cleared out.
  • Ultimately I’d also like the filters to be applied to the search results as well, not only the original full list.

I’m sure I’m missing something here or there’s a better way to do it, but I’m hitting a wall. What am I missing?

Repeating Group Data:

Repeating Group Conditions:


Org Data Structure

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Looks like I can’t delete this post but just adding a note here in case someone else comes across it. Eventually I figured out the issue was that when I cleared the input field I had an action that was forcing my search results to use the wrong data source.

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