Why does this fail?

I have a step in my Page is loaded event and the server log tells me this event fails. Any ideas why? The condition should simply cause it to not run the step, correct?

The condition returning a false isn’t the same thing as failing, so I’m confused.

The user’s isOnboardComplete is yes.


Hi @ken1 ,
Initially IsOnboardComplete will be empty, so you can formatted as text and check this condition with “no” then, sure it works.

Like, Current User’s isOnboardComplete:formatted as text is “no”

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure I follow 100%.

Isn’t the current user loaded into memory before the page is loaded? This boolean field on the User should be available to the condition, right? Why would the field be empty? This server message is for a user who has already completed onboarding and the value is “yes”.

Hi @ken1 ,
Once new things was created then, intiall values to the fields will be blank/empty until you inputting the values to the fields.
Thats why i said boolean field will be empty and convert into text to check the case.

Yes, Initialy current user details will not loaded into member before page load. but you can add necessary workflow like “Page loaded”, “When condition” will help you to handle this.


Yes = yes
Empty / no = no

Action condition failed means that the condition wasn’t met, not that there was a failure to meet the condition. So, your condition failed to be met because the user’s onboarding was complete.


Better you have to check out below page and editor link before your commenting.

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Oh, thank you. I thought it was saying the condition failed to evaluate. I didn’t think every time a condition evaluated to No that it was considered failed.

So there is nothing to be concerned about. Thank you.

Your example is not the same as my situation though. You used a state on the page that must be set. I used a field on the User that already has a value.

I confused the condition failing (not returning a result) with simply evaluating to “no” (a successful condition, but negative, evaluation based on how I thought it worked.)

You’re embarrassing yourself…

Create a new thing with a yes/no/empty value. When empty, the value = no.

This is right.

An empty boolean in an expression like ‘X’s yes/no is no’ will evalute to yes.

Hi @ken1 ,
I dont know your exact workflow or action.
f you give some screenshots of where you are added then, it can helpful to give some ideas.

My initial post has a screenshot of the step where the condition is evaluated. It’s part of a Page is loaded event. That’s it.

I’m also stating that I know the Current user’s isOnboardComplete value is yes.

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Hi @georgecollier ,
May i know, if i apply below condition to the step2 like “Result of step 1 (create a new some…) example is no” can update the empty = yes?

What? The workflows:

Step 1 creates something with an empty yes/no.

Step 2 sets the value to yes when the dropdown is yes.

Step 3 sets the value to no when the dropdown is no.

This creates a thing with an empty/yes/no value. That’s all it does. I promise you that you are wrong about this. When a yes/no is empty, the expression ‘yes/no is no’ will evaluate to yes, and ‘yes/no is yes’ will evaluate to ‘no’.

It is a boolean. It can evaluate to two states - yes and no. Not three. There’s a reason you can’t use ‘yes/no is empty’.


Hi @ken1 ,

Attached different workflow to check the condition to update the field.

  1. Pageload
  2. Check button.

Editor link,

Demo - https://jobportal21.bubbleapps.io/version-test/test-page/1704570113583x226086358674046980

If it is still not working for you then, You can replicate your issue into this bubble editor if you want and let me know.

My workflow is working. I was only concerned when I saw the server log that the condition failed that there was an issue. But apparently that is simply reporting that the step will not be executed because the condition evaluated to “no”.

So I’m fine leaving it alone now. Thanks.