Why don't database field names get updated in the logs?

When I look at the logs, the database field names seem to be the original names that were given when each field was created…


…which is pretty darn confusing. Can’t this be updated whenever I update a field name?

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While I see the frustration, from a log standpoint, I think it would make sense that it was the original name, because that was the value of the thing at the time it was run.

Though (I believe) that the Message / properties contextual information is saved as a text value(s), which would limit the ability to reflect updates.

Thanks @dan1, but what I mean is even in new logs (after I’ve changed the field name), the old name is displayed. I may have changed the name a year ago but the old name will forever continue to show up in the logs.

Ah, I read what you said in reverse scenario. Thanks for clarifying.

Hadn’t noticed that before. That definitely sounds like something worth the Bubble team looking into.

K thanks, so for something like this that isn’t necessarily a “bug”, should I submit it as a bug report or just tag someone here?

It is something they can fix easily or put in place at the same time we optimize our app?

This is a popular request but something we need to consider carefully as retaining consistent custom field names helps track historical data and changes to the database.


I understand, but it’s also important to understand what I’m looking at in the logs. Half the time it makes no sense at all because the names have changed so much. Perhaps you could display the original and the new name. Thanks for considering.

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