Why fields do not clear in the background?

If I clear parents data sourcee, fields in repeating group (e.g. text) do not clear in the background? Is it normal?

The problem here is that if I hide my repeating group, change parents source, I first see old date (related to old parent) and only after 2-3 seconds data updates to be relevant for the newly updated parent?

Can anyone advice if this is normal or bag or I am doing something wrong?



I’m a newbie… but I think what you want to do is chose Reset data from the Element Actions, that or Display List in the Repeating group.

I was having the same issue with Text elements displaying the old data for 2 seconds. No matter how many ways you Reset Data or Clear List it still happens. Can’t find a way to actually Clear those fields from the Text

But a workaround I found is to put a condition on the Text element:
When Repeating Group’s Loading is “yes”
Text = [leave blank]

You could alternatively put the Text to ‘Loading’ if you do not want it to be blank

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Also other workarounds, <When Repeating Group’s Loading is “yes”> you could:

  • Place an element over to cover it
  • Make it invisible

As long as you are not using advance filters where the is loading does not seem to work.


I am trying to reproduce When Repeating Group’s Loading is “yes” but I cannot find that conditional. Is this replaced for “Page loaded above fold” ?