Why force users to refresh UAT when changes are made in DEV?

OK, so you have one developer in DEV and another team member demonstrating the app to a customer in UAT. Why does UAT force a refresh when the development changes are occurring in DEV?

I just don’t see how we can scale our app when the devs are walking all over each other every 2 seconds. Doesn’t seem workable.

Anyone else have a solution for this?


Your team member must be showing the customer the app in test mode (which is preview mode of dev).

As this is the preview mode for your dev, it will update straight away so that you can test changes in dev straight away.

If the demonstration where to be used on the live app then you could still do all your dev updates without disrupting the live app until you do a push to live.

Thanks, but doing a demo in LIVE is not a good policy. We don’t want to create dummy data in our live system. Apparently you can ‘branch’ DEV. I’m looking into this.

I actually find doing a demo in live a good policy as that’s what the user will see when they log in and dev usually has dev at different stages of completion - but then I’m constantly building out new features.

I also find it’s good to have a test account in live so you actually test your live version as well.

But it depends on your app structure I suppose and whether it is a SaaS or not (mine is).

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