Why is additional storage so expensive?!

I’m starting to figure out what to charge for my app and just realized how expensive additional storage is on Bubble. I realize there may be some additional overhead (e.g. bandwidth in/out costs) on top of the storage cost, but 10 GB for $10 seems extreme, especially when S3 storage would give me 435 GB for $10.


What kind of data are you hosting?

Really any type of file – could be images, audio, documents, zips, or others. Ideally I want to host these in S3.

Yeah I was also curious as to why it costs so much.

My guess is that bubble revenue is made from storage and hosting. They probably overcharge for fact that you can start for completly free.

If you need storage, that will certainly add up. My app uses a bit of storage, for this reason I created my own S3 bucket for customer files, and used the AWS plugin - ☁️ AWS File Uploader No File Size Limit- New Plugin from Zeroqode

Only major problem I’ve found is that you can’t upload data directly to it that’s already in Bubble or comes from another input, ie a camera, audio recorder etc. I’ve got around this though by uploading those files directly to Bubble, then setting up a Zapier zap to send them to the S3 bucket and deleting the Bubble file after the Zapier zap has been sent.

A little fiddly to set up, but it does the job and the plugin is much cheaper than if you were going to use an extra 20GB+ of data storage.


Are you able to relate an uploaded file, or list of files, to a record in your database?

Yep, almost exactly the same as Bubble. You can save the S3 link in the Bubble DB.