Why is the editor worse than before?

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying. This has not been implemented yet, but is a very reasonable expectation. Logging as a feature request.

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Yes, this is working again for me now.

Great to hear!

Agree wholeheartedly…showing some of the style options is a big plus. But not being able to tab in the margin and padding settings is a big slowdown.

This has been fixed


@nickc Shift clicking multiple elements doesn’t want to edit multiple right away, it just wants to edit the last one selected. :slightly_smiling_face: You have to right click one element that has been selected and click “Edit” to get the “Edit x elements” menu

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I’ll add my complaint to this list.

When I do a “Ctrl - D” (Duplicating an element), earlier the new element used to be created after the element that I have duplicated. Now it gets created as the last element in the group that it is part of. And now I have a bigger exercise to bring that element to where I want it to be.

And other issue is (well, it was there before too) that this duplicating option doesn’t appear in any contextual menu etc, so if it is hard to click on that element due to elements overlapping etc, then it is even harder to duplicate as if I select the element via element tree, the ctrl-d doesn’t work. I have to get to that element somehow from canvas only.

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I agree with the fact that the bug reporting system is too cumbersome. I see many bugs all the time, but do I have the time to fill out a dozen or so fields, attach screenshots, write a long list on how to reproduce the error each time, etc? Heck no. User testing only goes so far. I don’t like to sound entitled, but, we do pay for a service, we shouldn’t be the ones to rely on for reporting bugs…