Why is the live site showing differently than the preview site?

when I go to the proprietary bubble site (ourclass.bubbleapps.io) note that it centers the user in NYC and the input address bar does nothing:

however, when I hit preview on my index page, it the input works and classes populate:

i’ve already deployed development to live and this is still happening.



Hey Randy :slight_smile: At first glance, I would guess that the classes may currently only be in the development database if they are not showing up in live mode? Can you temporarily set your app to public and share a link to the editor?

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I was a bit flummoxed between development and live to start with. A simple test… Just create a new page temporary… Stick a repeating group with your classes in development and then push that update to live. You will soon tell if they are running off different versions. Just an idea…


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thanks everyone! yes, it was that all classes were in dev!

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