Why is this API running? It shouldn't be


I’m struggling to understand why I see evidence of an API call run every time I load the page.
It’s a Data Action API call to Uploadcare and it’s used as part of a data source inside a Repeating Group and on a text element. Both these sit in a group which is part of a set of Admin pages I’ve created, none of it visible on Page Load either.

If I use the search tool to find that API Call, I can see it used in the 2 elements I’ve mentioned above.

However, everytime I load my page, I see this in the event logs and I think it’s part of why I’ve started seeing slow loads speeds recently.

It’s probably worth mentioning that I use one page (native app) and everything is controlled with groups (hidden/visible) to which this group is hidden on page load. Maybe it still runs even when the group is hidden?

Added a condition on it to change the data source when needed and now all good, but curious as to why it ran in the first place though.

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