Why isn't my list of data showing up (data view)?

On the Data view I have added a number of “Bikes” which are just pictures of motorcycles. Previously, I had a list of uploads, and then I deleted them all because something was not working right. So I uploaded new ones and nothing shows up. No matter how many I upload it only shows those four empty rows. But the image will show up in the app.

What am I doing wrong?

Make sure you are not looking on Live database (or viceversa).

PS: Upload a full window screenshot if possible, and also the filtering options you are currently using on Bikes. (Press on the pen icon, and then screenshot).

I suppose you clicked on “refresh data” button.


I’ve seen this before after deletes. If the pointers from @yusaney1 don’t resolve, then a refresh of the page usually clears it up.


So, it looks like refreshing the page worked. Thanks.