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Why oh why am I unable to search the DB case insensitive?

Hey Keith,

Right there with you on this…wish it was easier than what I outlined here:

There were other requirements as well, but this shows one way to do the unique username portion.



Thank you @mebeingken

It worked for me :slight_smile:

Thanks Ken! Having to create duplicate fields, just to make one lowercase, is a real pain.

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@Kfawcett @mebeingken Our engineering team will review this request


Thanks @neerja!

Strangely enough, when you filter a search with “any field contains” (an input’s value for example) it does perform a case insensitive comparison. But I guess that doesn’t work for you, @Kfawcett as you only want to perform the comparison with one single field, not any field.


You may be unable, but Bubble actually isn’t. So talking about workarounds.

Data API will do case insensitive search for you server-side.

	"constraint_type":"text contains",
	"value": "value"          

You could potentially expose Data API for that thing and create a privacy rule for the field you want to search. If response.count is != 0 you have a match.

    "response": {
        "results": [
                // Results
        "cursor": 0,
        "count": 1,
        "remaining": 0

Or Bubble could just expose the option in the editor given that this is already built :slight_smile:

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Convert the input into Upper Case in a hidden input field …

The do an advanced search on the database field :uppercase = hidden field’s value

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It would be good to have a checkbox ‘Ignore case sensitivity’ when doing the search.

I also noticed the Search bar in the Editor’s Data tab is case insensitive, so I am guessing this is something they could do


Since it seems it’s still not straightforward to do a case insensitive search, I added a “Searchable Text” field to Type Board which is the type I’m trying to search on the front end. When creating or updating a Type Board object, I combine the Board Title field with a couple other short text fields I want to include in the search then save a single string to the Searchable Text field AND convert it to lowercase so I can run searches on that one field. I don’t like duplicating data, especially if it’s large text fields, but this seems like the easiest workaround for now. Plus it makes searching multiple text fields a bit more straightforward since you only have to search one field.

You can see the front end Search statement in the screenshot.

How can I filter with “any field contains”…?? That would be amazing

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strange that this is still an issue after this has been raised many times, many years ago.


Has this been resolved?

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Has this been already solved?

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I set a custom state on the input called lowercase. When the input is changed, I update it to the value of the input converted to lowercase, then when filtering I use the lowercase state instead of the input value.

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This VERY simple… no need plugins , just do this:
I used a type PISSOAS
when you click your SAVE button, the workflow will be something like this:

Nothing else. Now you have a case insensitive search.
Hope this help you all.

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Yeah… I’m reading this thread and still don’t understand whether yes or no I can do a search with any field contains case insensitively.

I’m searching through a library of books and would like to search for any fields, author, titles etc. without having to worry about case sensitivity.

Please help.

Looks like:

ANY FIELD CONTAINS = is case insensitive, yes.
But it behaves like CONTAINS KEYWORD(S) → only searches for full words and not like CONTAINS for fragments.

So not really a solution in many cases (e.g. in mine).

Any news or new ideas anybody?

I would be happy if:
a) I could simply apply :lowercase on both sides of the search constraint (data thing field + Input field) whereas it is currently only possible on the input side.
b) there is a way to define that this condition of the search should be executed case insensitive on the backend side.

Note: I can’t use the advanced filter & hidden field workaround suggested by the always inventive @NigelG as I don’t want to do it on the client side (the dataset is expected to grow too large).

Is this still an issue?

I can only lowercase the right hand side (user input), but not the left hand side (database field). See image below

So the only workaround now is to have a duplicate database field but all-lowercase?