Why saving takes so long?

I was wandering why saving is taking so long?(even on the paid plan) It is so frustrating and slows the work. Any possibility how to make it quicker? Thank you.

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Could you provide a little bit more information about the issue you’re feeling? Are you referring to the editor? To workflows in your app?

Yes, it is happening while I am working on editor. It shows saving…(in red) at the top of the window and normally it takes up to 5 minutes for changes to be saved. Which is fine. But sometimes it can go for hours… then I need to reload my bubble page and my work progress is then lost :confused: Normally, I don’t have any issues with my internet speed. Don’t know what could it possibly be.

What browser are you using?

Google Chrome

Interesting. I see it every once in a while, but a quick refresh usually fixes it. For the most part, I never see the red Saving text anymore. It used to be quite common when editing, but seems to be so much better now for me. Where are you located? I’m in Washington DC, so pretty close to the US-East datacenters for Amazon. Wonder if this has anything to do with it?

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I see. Maybe it is something to do with how close the data-center is. I am located in Norway.

I have some problems only if I copy elements - red ‘saving’ stays there for a minute, then everything goes back to normal.

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I fight this on an almost regular basis. Saving in the editor. I’m located on the east coast, Williamsburg, Virginia. I reset the browser, purge the data from the browser, sometimes even reboot my computer. It doesn’t matter what app I am working on, I still find that saving work, workflows, really anything causes a slowdown in the performance of the bubble editor. I currently use Chrome and Chrome beta 64. If there is a fix to this, please help.

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