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Why UUID in url?


I just received a scope document from a client stating that “the URLs must include a long chain of random alpha-numeric characters, UUID is acceptable.”

Before I discuss this with them I’m wondering if anyone would know what the need for this would be.


This tends to be a URL for a page that is referring to a particular “thing”.

So an Event, or a User, or a Post …

This post has an identifier “155455” but that could be 1619186260033x476843185170928500 just as easily (which is a Bubble UUID).

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I get it. Thank you @NigelG

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Bubble does this “!out of the box” anyway when you sent a page to have a particular data type.

Yeah I realized (remembered) that after your post. I don’t usually have a page that represents a thing so I’d forgotten. Thanks for your help.


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