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Why when I join two tables it only displays in one?

Hi everyone,

New to bubble here - I am trying to build a simple events database, but am having issues joining two tables with workflow

I have two tables

  • Events
  • Attendees

On the page that lists the event it has a form (First Name, Last Name, Email).

The workflow creates the attendee and links the attendee record to the page events:

This adds the events unique ID to the Attendee table, but it does but attendee field appears blank on the events table.

Appearing linked on attendees table

Not linked on events

Hi @benc,
you create a new Attendee but you don’t actually add this Attendee to the event Thing.
In the next step of your workflow, after creating an Attendee, you have to choose
“Make changes to the Current Page Event” and add “Result of step 1” Attendee to the list of the Attendees on that event