Width of page showing wrong number

I’ve set my page to be 1080 width with a 1080 width header I created, but while it says the page is 1080, it clearly is bigger than 1080 since the header isn’t taking up the entire top width. In fact, the page width for some reason has become 1200. So the header doesn’t go entirely along the top of the page.

Photo of my page (called drafts) and photo of the header (called home, logout,profile):

What do you mean it’s become 1200?

In the editor? Or in preview?

In both the editor and the preview the page is 1200 width even though when I inspect the page in the editor it claims it’s at 1080. You can see how the header is 1080 but still doesn’t cover the entire page whilst in the editor, even as the editor shows it’s only 1080.

Your header’s X position is negative (-120) so it’s outside the page by 120px.

If you set it to position 0 you’ll see it should fit within the page.

Try turning on ‘Show Element Borders’ on the grids and borders menu so you can see more clearly the page edges and borders etc.

Thanks! Changed my header to be X=0, and unchecked fixed page length for my pages, and it’s now working perfectly!

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