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Wierd Repeating Group Bug

I have a repeating group with a bunch of items. I have a drop-down of items, from which you can choose to filter by item.
The list shows up fine initially but when I filter by an item, there are blank spots in the repeating group for some reason.
Has anyone come across this before?

Please ignore the black boxes, they are just hiding content.

where are you doing the filtering? on the RG source?

All content of the repeating group is stored in a state.
When an item in the drop down is clicked, that state filtered by the item is passed to the repeating group.
So filtering happens in the workflow.

when you display data, are you clearing the RG first? this probably shouldn’t matter but may be helpful.

Is this how you are feeding and filtering data?

That’s exactly what I’m doing, except I didn’t have clear list in the beginning.
I just added clear list and still not working.

It’s weird because it works perfectly for some dropdown items and doesn’t for some.
And I don’t have any conditions on the cells, so I don’t think the data should have any affect in this.

I think instead of feeding data to the repeating group, you need to change the value of the state of your page. This way the repeating group data should be directly updated (providing your repeating group’s source points to the state) and it should be as if you loaded it for the first time :slight_smile:

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