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Wierd Repeating Group Padding

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 5.02.10 PM

I have a list of items in a repeating group and each item has a check box. When the checkbox is checked, the item is removed from the list (that belongs to the repeating group)
And that item automatically gets removed from the repeating group BUT that item leaves small padding behind, as you can see in the screenshot. More items I check off and more padding show up.
I guess the removed item is leaving behind some padding. How do I get rid of it?

Thank you for your post! You could try adding a :filtered operator to the repeating group’s datasource so that is does not include the items that are removed from the list. Additionally, if you are taking the item from the repeating group and adding it to another list, you could add the :minus list operator to the end of the datasource of the repeating group and subtract all the selected items from the repeating group results.

Thanks for your response. I tried all your approaches but my issue still persists.
I have two repeating groups, one with items ‘complete=no’ and another with ‘complete=yes’
When the checkbox in incomplete items repeating group is clicked, that item’s ‘complete’ becomes ‘yes’ and it’s automatically removed but the padding remains where the item was.
Even when I just have one repeating group with incomplete items, the issue occurs. How can I smoothly remove items from repeating groups?

If you email our team at [email protected], our team can have more insight into how your app is currently configured and provide you more specific resources!

Thanks I will do that.
But apparently, I just figured out that the padding occurred because of the animation that happened when an item was removed from the list.
Everything works fine, when I remove the animation.

But now UX is really bad.

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