Wildcard and Extended SSL Certificate

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Dear Both and All,

Is it possible to add Wildcard and Extended SSL Certificate to my app on Bubble?

Also, could you please share technical data on Bubble website authentification?

I am attempting to obtain ISO 27001, sonthe above would be very useful to know.

Thanks in advance.


We don’t currently support custom SSL certificates, unfortunately – we autogenerate certificates for user domains using LetsEncrypt. If there’s substantial interest in it, we could look into adding it as a feature. The main reason we’d consider adding it would be to let users add their own extended SSL certificates. (Wildcard certificates aren’t really necessary on Bubble since we generate a free certificate for you for any subdomain hosted on Bubble).

You might also be able to use your own certificates by putting a custom CDN (such as Cloudflare or a similar provider) in between your app and Bubble, but we can’t provide technical support for issues that introduces, so I would only recommend that option if you’re very comfortable working with DNS records and debugging http protocol issues.

If you’re interested in the technical details of our encrypted communication, I’d start by reviewing our public ssllabs report, which you can generate for any domain: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=bubble.is

Dear Josh,

Thank you very much for the link and explanation.

Could you please let me know what is required from me in order for me to be able to add custom SSL certificate (incl. extended validation and possibly wild card)? I would like to have my app to have a certificate which verifies its link to my business.

Thank you again.


Hi Josh,

The Nexus blockchain plug-in needs to have the ability to apply wildcard and self signed TLS certificates. These will be generated from the blockchain and verifiable via decentralized consensus. Are there any plans to provide this in the future?