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Will Bubble be releasing new features?

Our team is currently working on a project that is - essentially - a complete overhaul of our editor. Part of this overhaul will certainly be updates to our Responsive engine, as well as better accommodations for mobile users.


Well I confess that I’m both afraid and excited to see this “complete overhaul” of the editor!

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Well, you can find it on the internet already. :wink:


Isn’t that just an external work, unrelated to the Bubble team itself? Or is that something they’re going to use? Oh my god so many possibilities

I stumbled upon it while I was checking the website of Matt Legrand. He is the current designer on the Bubble team.

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Oh my… :heart_eyes:

Everything seems in place at that image… I was afraid they’d change stuff around, it would be like getting into my car and suddenly the pedals are buttons near the windshield and the steering wheel is now a voice activated turning assistant. And we stay laying down instead of sitting.

Glad that won’t be the case! And also glad we’ll have a dark mode, because the editor is the only website I can’t turn into dark mode through the use of extensions.
And yep, I dark mode everything in my browser :smile:

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I think it is important that bubble support mobile applications. I know it is made for web but I think it has been more than 2 years with promise to have mobile on the roadmap. Non of the solutions on the market are good or reasonable. I do not mind paying extra to have the support for that.


Yes MrMaker they will do all the things you’ve mentioned. They are actually very busy right now with the performance of the app. It’s way to early to focus on mobile :wink:

Hi @MrMaker

A good free alternative to creating applications is open source Jasonelle. Good and very reasonable. Native and Web.

10 min. to create a FREE native app with Bubble > iOS :large_blue_diamond: Android

I’m curious. I’ve noticed people working in dark mode. What’s the advantage of that?

Ig you havent seen this?

I’m on Firefox :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks!

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It’s more comfortable to the eyes :relieved:

Immediate benefit: slightly longer battery life if working on a laptop.

Long-term benefit: the less blue light you look at in the evenings and at night, the lower your risk of developing all sorts of nasty stuff ranging from depression through insomnia to even cancer.

But you shouldn’t rely on the dark mode exclusively for protection - install Flux instead.


OSX has nightshift now

Gnome (on Ubuntu/Debian etc) also has a night mode feature too! I use it and it’s great.

@eve Hi I tried to email u on my other account but had no reply, about my app. Thanks

Hey @eve!

Any updates on the Responsive Engine overhaul?

I really feel we have not seen any major changes nor any support for mobile and not much say from customers to suggest features. I hope that changes soon.